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The Conversation Piece this Week

Now that it’s officially Summer, it’s time to change up your home decor a little for the season. This week on Decorilla, I found an article called “10 Interior Design Rules to Break this Summer“. I thought you might like some of these ideas.


A few of my favorite photos from the article linked above:


The article has a lot of nice ideas. I love the idea of mixing old with new – as a vintage seller, of course I do! Our home is very contemporary and modern with simple monotone colors. I love having vintage pieces tucked here and there in each room. In the Summer months, I like to add colorful vintage bowls – like a lime green enamelware bowl in the living room to hold remote controls, the bright yellow bowl on the kitchen counter to hold fresh fruit, and the orange bowls on the center island to hold snacks. I also love displaying colorful vintage beach postcards and vintage swimming pool postcards – laminated, they make fun coasters, and enlarged and laminated, they make fun place mats. Colorful bright vintage fabrics look great on the throw pillows… I especially love patterned prints or floral prints.

Another idea in the article was to display your favorite treasures. I like that. My husband built a curio cabinet that hangs on a wall in the room we use the most – it’s my cabinet of curiosities. The items in that cabinet are changing all the time, and in the Summer months, it’s fun to display vintage figurines wearing swimming suits, doll house miniature bar carts, and those fun paper drink umbrellas. Anything that reminds of me Summer is fair game!

I love the article’s suggestion of having no window treatments on any window – let the sun shine in, baby! During the day you look out to see bright sunshine, white puffy clouds, and there’s nothing like a cool breeze blowing through the windows. At night, you look out and see fireflies, and billions and billions of stars. There’s just too much to see to have the windows covered!

While I like most of the ideas in the article, I have to draw the line at wall paper in the kitchen – definitely not for me! How about you?

Let’s Start the Conversation!

What do you do to change your decor for Summer? We want to hear about it!

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