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I am a HUGE fan of fireworks. I love everything about them. I love the ingenuity and science that goes into the making of different patterns and colors, and I love the sounds and loud reports they make – I especially love the whistlers! I enjoy sitting outside at night watching the fireworks – the anticipation from when you hear them first lit until they burst into the sky is so satisfying!

I have loved fireworks since I was very young, and I still love them today. My family and I go to as many fireworks displays as we can, and we even have fireworks displays in our own backyard (thanks to my brother who is a licensed pyrotechnic, able to shoot fireworks).

I also love the labels on vintage fireworks and firecracker packages, and thought you might like them, too! See the text below the labels for ideas on how you can use them in your Independence Day / 4th of July decor.

For a bit of 4th of July fun, click each of the labels above to open the label into it’s own screen. From there, you can save and print the label (best if printed on a color printer) and then use the labels for your celebrations. Here are some ideas on how you could use them:

  • Invitations – Turn the labels into postcards that you send to friends and family, inviting them to your 4th of July picnic, barbecue or party.
  • Coasters – Laminate the printed labels and use them as drink coasters for a deck party. Your guests are sure to remember which drink is theirs!
  • Placemats – While the image quality might not be as good if you enlarge the saved copies, you could still enlarge them, print them (in color) and then use them as picnic or party placemats.
  • Garland – Print colored copies of the labels on cardstock paper, punch two holes through the tops of the cards, then string them together on a length of bakers twine. Hang the completed garland on your patio or deck for a party or barbecue, in a window inside your house, or even on your front door.

What other ideas do you have for using copies of these fireworks labels? Share in a comment below!

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