“The Conversation Piece” this Week – Ideas for Your Walls (7/23/17 – 7/29/17)

Every week, I scour the internet to find interesting articles or websites to share with you. Sometimes related to home decor, often times related to vintage, and always fun and interesting! Topics that start conversations, teach you something new, or make you think.

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The Conversation Piece this Week

This week, I read an article called “Home Improvement: 10 Ideas to Dress Your House Walls (so it looks cool and modern)” written by Dan Cape on Homify. Some of the ideas in this article are really cool. I look forward to hearing what you think!


Out of the ten ideas shown in the article, here are the three I like the most:

My favorite materials are stone and metal, so I really like the wall in the first photo above! This kind of wall would fit perfectly in our home. We have a “mud room” bathroom that has all stone decor. I’ve often thought about lining one of the walls in that bathroom with stones from our property. Now I just have to find enough flat rocks to make it happen!

Old bricks have so much character! Creating a wall using a variety of different shaped and sized bricks would look very industrial! Back in the 1970s, my Mom added brick to our kitchen walls and I really liked that look – guess Mom was ahead of the times, eh?!

Next to stone and metal as my favorite materials, I simply cannot get enough of living plants! A “living wall” would be so incredible! Not only would a living wall bring a bit of nature inside, but it sure would be a conversation piece, too! I wonder if I can convince my husband to create a wall like the one in the last photo above?

One thing the article didn’t mention is a chalkboard wall. Yes, I know. You see that in so many design magazines, but I have to say, an entire wall in black slate chalkboards looks pretty darn amazing! We have two full walls in our Bonus Room that are chalkboard walls – one on either end. Our boys use those walls to keep track of Foosball and ping pong scores. Our artist son really enjoys drawing on the walls – especially drawing “windows” looking out of the room at imaginary landscapes. So many possibilities with chalkboard walls!

Let’s Start the Conversation!

Do you have a unique wall in your home, or an idea for changing a wall? We want to hear about it!

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