Fresh Finds This Week (July, Week 4)

This week was filled with family appointments, so not much time to get out hunting down those vintage treasures. But I did attend a local auction, and I am in LOVE with the items I purchased!

The auction included several boxes of dry negatives from the late 1800s – all of prisoner mug shots! They are incredible! It got down to a bidding war between me and another buyer and the prices went WAY high. While I didn’t win all the box lots that I had set out to win, I am thankful to have won the glass slides that I did. Here are just some of them…

Mug Shots – I absolutely love things that are old and unusual. Things that you don’t see every day. That is why I was drawn to these glass plate negatives from the late 1800s. Each slide shows a photo of a man from the front and profile (side view). Each convict has a number, and the numbers of each slide are written on the boxes that the slides are in. The glass slides are simply amazing! I’m not sure yet if I am going to sell the slides individually, or in sets – probably individually. Who knows… someone might find a distant relative in these photos (yikes)!

Check back next Friday for more fresh finds, and make sure to check our shop at to see when these items are listed and available.

*The items above are all shown in “as found” condition. I’ll be cleaning them up and getting them listed in our shop as soon as possible.


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