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The Conversation Piece this Week

Attics are a great place to explore! This week, I read an article called “10 Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Attic” by Caroline Bloor on House Beautiful. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you.


From the article, here are some of the things you shouldn’t store in your attic:

Toys, photos, and old technology are things mentioned in the article that shouldn’t be stored in an attic.

Well, darn! All of my stuffed animals and dolls are STILL stored in my parent’s attic. Mom created a wall in my bedroom where all my stuffed animals were hung up. It was pretty cool when I was a kid. When I became a teenager, we took all those stuffed animals down and carefully put them in large bags and stored them in the attic. I still remember the day we did that – it seemed an important day to me – letting go of being a young kid and turning into a teenager.

While Mom and I were putting those bags of stuffed animals in the attic, I discovered a box that contained Mom’s diary and photos from when she was a teenager. I asked Mom if I could go through her box and she said “Sure”. She thought it would bore me, but I sat in that (hot) attic for hours reading her diary and looking through her photographs. Mom would peek in when she heard me laughing to ask what was so funny – I told her what I was reading in her diary, and she would elaborate and tell me stories. Oh my gosh! How I LOVED that time with her.

We have several attics in our home, and I have always wanted to fill them with relics from my past, my husband’s past, as well as include the things my boys have loved since they were young. I always dreamed of having the kind of attic that you could get lost in, exploring all day, uncovering lost treasures and have wanted to create that experience for my own kids.

I think I need to create a treasure map for our kids and leave it in the attic – something right out of the movie Goonies! What do you think?

Let’s Start the Conversation!

Have you ever found hidden treasures in an attic? We want to hear about it!

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4 thoughts on ““The Conversation Piece” this Week – Things Stored In Your Attic (7/9/17 – 7/15/17)

  • Pam

    I’m with you, attics are the best! They hold so many memories of my grandparents’ and parents’ homes. It was such a treasure hunt to see all the stored things and spend your day in there. Yes, it was hot and stuffy, but it sort of lent itself to the mysterious aspect. I don’t have an attic in my home so my kids will miss out on this adventure. Your article brought back some great memories!

  • Shel

    What wonderful memories for you to have of your mom, you and those special attic finds!

    They brought back memeories of my Great Aunt Ellen’s attic which in our youth, my sister and I spent much time exploring during the summer months at her home. It was the home her father had built himself and raised her and all her siblings (including my sweet Grandma.Dorothy)

    Ellen was a bit of a “collector” a hoarder by today’s standards! She saved everything and had kept the upstairs attic (which was the girls’ bedrooms) in the same state as when they left home to make their ways in life. However, over the years much more was added!
    I remember there only being a narrow space left to ascend those stairs!
    Once up there it was surreal to be in a space where time had essentially stood still. The furniture was original as were the two beds which were made up just how they had left them so many years before with the same floral print bedding & quilts that now shared the space with decades worth of Ellen’s accumulations!

    We were young girls when we explored that old attic so the greatest discovery during that time to us was a bag of ancient bubble gum which had fossilized over the years! in spite of being harder than rocks we’d put our teeth at risk each time we went up!
    I’d give anything to go up those stairs once again with eyes that could now know and appreciate the antiques, history and story which that space held. However Aunt Ellen, Grandma Dorothy and the house are all gone…but of course not the memories!

    Thanks for rekindling that memory for me with your story!

    • JayDee Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story and your memories, Shel!

      I can just imagine Aunt Ellen’s attic – it sounds like one straight out of a perfect fairy tale. How wonderful that you and your sister had that experience! I’m sure Aunt Ellen would be pleased to hear how much you enjoyed that space. <3

      The bubble gum made me smile. 🙂