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I started a series where I wrote about My Vintage Story and invited others to share their vintage stories with me, so I could share them here on the blog. We all love to read about vintage, right?

This week’s guest is Lynn from EightMileVintage. I’ve had the honor of purchasing from EightMileVintage and LOVE my purchase. Make sure to check out her shop – I know you’ll love it. Here is her vintage story…

My vintage story started with vintage Pyrex and I think I can place all the “blame” for my Pyrex addiction on my sister! Some years ago, I was visiting her and she showed me her vintage Pyrex. I was hooked immediately because I’ve always loved colourful kitchenwares. When I returned home, I began to scour thrift stores and estate sales to start my own collection and eventually joined the Pyrex groups on Flickr to share photos of my finds. I began to read all the thrifting blogs on the internet and, from those and Flickr, I discovered the world of collectible vintage. I started to recognize other good vintage collectibles on my Pyrex hunts and I’d buy them so that they wouldn’t fall into the “wrong” hands. It wasn’t too long before I had too much vintage to keep and needed an outlet to send them to deserving new homes.

Through Flickr I had met a nice group of local Pyrex collectors. We had one of the first in-person Pyrex swaps and even had a big group Pyrex sale at a local weekend flea market. These ladies told me about Etsy and it seemed like a great fit for my extra vintage. At that point I had been retired from my investment career for a few years but still missed certain parts of it – the research, the social contact, the transaction “buzz” that you’d get from making a good new investment deal. Selling on Etsy is a great substitute for those things I missed. I love the treasure hunt, the research, the friends I’ve made on teams and the sale “buzz” when the right buyer comes along. It’s so interesting to see where each of my vintage items goes and hear buyers’ stories.

My own collections have grown to include mid century teak, le Creuset cast iron, Scandinavian and West German pottery, 1950’s and 1960’s jewellery, Chalet glass. And my Pyrex collecting? Ongoing! I’ve filled 2 large specially built pantries in my kitchen with beautifully coloured Pyrex and other milk glass and my collection is still growing.

Lynn, from http://www.etsy.com/shop/eightmilevintage


Thank you for sharing your vintage story, Lynn!

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Vintage Story? – With Guest EightMileVintage

  • Linda

    Your story is fun, Lynn, and your collection is fabulous! I have to ask…who owns more Pyrex, you or your sister?

    Thanks for continuing your interview series, JD. I too have purchased from Lynn. She has a great eye & good picking in her neck of the woods.