Question: What’s One Decor Item You Wish You Never Bought?


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We’ve probably all done it. That one big, or expensive, or outlandish decor item that we bought, brought home, and then realized at some point we wish we wouldn’t have bought!

Maybe it was a large sectional sofa that only fits in one room of your house, and in only one position. The one you’ll never be able to take with you when you move, because there just won’t be another room that it will fit in. Or maybe it was a pair of chairs that you didn’t sit in first before purchasing them – only to realize just how uncomfortable they are, and now no one ever sits in them.

Or what about that extra large framed piece of artwork that had the deep blues you loved… several years ago, and now you have nowhere to display it because the colors clash with your new color scheme.

Perhaps it’s those very expensive swivel stools with metal back rests – that you didn’t realize would bang into your solid walnut counter top on your bar. 🙁 Or that old-fashioned lamp, straight out of a movie – the one with a fishnet stocking leg…

We want to know… What’s one decor item you wish you never bought?

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