“The Conversation Piece” this Week – Let’s Talk Pantries! (7/2/17 – 7/8/17) 2

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The Conversation Piece this Week

Let’s talk about pantries! This week, an article that caught my eye was “Pinterest Board of the Week: Pantry“, written by Natalie Goel for Lonny. I really enjoyed seeing the pantries included in the article – especially the pantries that incorporate a little bit of vintage in with the new. Take a peek!


Here are some of the pantries I really like from the article mentioned above:

I love the vintage metal tins that are used in the photo of the first pantry! Putting those old pieces back to use just makes me smile.

The industrial wire shelves shown in the second photo make so much sense to me – the shelves are easy to clean, they are strong and sturdy, and they look great, too!

Ah! A black chalkboard in the pantry. Love it! Not only could you use the chalkboard to keep your pantry organized, you could also use it to write lists of products you’re out of, that need to be restocked in your pantry. Brilliant!

We have a large pantry just off our kitchen, and as an organization fanatic, the pantry is definitely one room in our house that I prefer be kept organized. The walls, shelving, and appliances in the pantry are all white and I have labels on the shelves for all the different types of food that is stored in there. My husband made custom shelving units that are hung on one wall, and we use those shelves for all the canned and bottled goods and spices – I love those units! I appreciate that we can store extra appliances and large party dishes in the pantry, as well as other household products – such as cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc. The highest shelves hold coolers, picnic baskets, and party supplies. A pantry is definitely a great room to have!

Let’s Start the Conversation!

How do you organize (and decorate) your pantry? We want to hear about it!

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2 thoughts on ““The Conversation Piece” this Week – Let’s Talk Pantries! (7/2/17 – 7/8/17)

  • Pam

    Love these ideas! I don’t have a pantry like these, but I do have one floor to ceiling cabinet in my kitchen where I can keep all my canned and dry goods so I can organize by type. It would be ideal to have a walk-in type space to store my small appliances, etc like the rustic one in pic 3. The long wide shelves and crates that help keep it organized with lots of space would be ideal. Great ideas and wonderful items from your shop!

    • JayDee Post author

      Isn’t it great having a place for canned and dry goods? ANY space where you can store them all in one spot is great in my book!