Fresh Finds This Week (August, Week 3) 1

Just when you think life can’t get any busier, it does!

Unfortunately, several life events happened this week with family and that is where I needed to spend my time. No auctions. No estate sales. No flea markets. BUT… I did find someone who had some awesome vintage stencils and I bought them for my shop.

Here are the finds from this week – already listed in our shop.

Vintage Stencil Sets – Stencils are cool. They have SO many uses! Posters, flyers, invitations, gift cards – you name it! I also think these old stencils would look pretty darn cool framed in a vintage frame and hung in an office, craft room, or studio. Especially if you love typography.  If you wrapped a gift in kraft paper or recycled paper, you could use these stencils to embellish the paper with the recipients name. You could make prints of your favorite quotes or words of wisdom and hang those prints in your home. So many possibilities for these vintage stencils! What are you waiting for! Go forth and create!


Check back next Friday for more fresh finds, and make sure to check our shop at to see when these items are listed and available.

*The items above are all shown in “as found” condition. I’ll be cleaning them up and getting them listed in our shop as soon as possible.


These Items Are Available In Our Shop Now


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