Fresh Finds This Week (August, Week 2)

This has been a fun week sourcing vintage relics! Of course it rained (heavily) for both of the weekly flea markets near us, so I didn’t make the drive to shop them. I’m guessing there weren’t many (if any) vendors there. Hopefully next week will be a better flea market week.

Here are a few of the smaller finds from this week – they’ll all be listed in our shop soon!

Chemistry Vials – I absolutely love vintage science supplies, gadgets, kits, labware – you name it! This set is simply amazing! Each drawer opens to the vials contained inside. Each vial contains chemicals that were used in college level science classes. I think this set would look great displayed with the drawers open like I have in the photo, or by displaying the vials themselves in a curio cabinet. They really are that cool!

Labware – This glass lab bottle has the embossed writing on it. I think it would make a unique vase for fresh cut flowers!

XRay Timer – This black metal xray timer still has a lot of life left in it! Use it to set a time limit for your kids computer time, when the alarm goes off, it’s sure to catch their attention! I think the timer would also look fun displayed in a kitchen.

The Doctor Is In – A black leather doctor bag for making house calls. This bag is large and in charge! It’s in great condition and would make a fun case to use for overnight travels to the lake house.

Garden Tool – This heavy cast iron tool helps you create perfect even rows in your garden at planting time! Just stake one end in the ground, stretch out the string and stake the other end. Now you have a handy guide for planting!

We’ve Been Framed! – These vintage wood frames have so much character! They could be used to create bulletin boards, magnet boards, or even to hold your favorite vintage photos!

We See Stars – I can’t pass up vintage astronomy books! This one is really cool. It has diagrams of the constellations that could be copied and framed. And it’s a fun book to read, too.

Perfume Bottle – This sparkly cut glass bottle caught my eye. The sun shines through it and casts the most incredible sparkles around your room. Sure, it could be used to hold your favorite perfume, but I think the bottle looks nice displayed just the way it is – especially in a windowsill.

Pick Your Lucky Girl – Boy! Did I feel lucky to find this set of punch cards! They are all unpunched, but it is SO tempting to punch one and see just how lucky I am! I think one of these cards would make a fun gift and could even be used to embellish the gift wrap for a unique look.

Put It On My Tab – I found a stack of vintage Guest Check pads. All unused. All faded and yellowed with age in the most delightful way. I think there are lots of possibilities for incorporating these pages into pieces of art. They would be fun to use in scrapbooks or journals, or even turned into tags or collage work.


Check back next Friday for more fresh finds, and make sure to check our shop at to see when these items are listed and available.

*The items above are all shown in “as found” condition. I’ll be cleaning them up and getting them listed in our shop as soon as possible.


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