Fresh Finds This Week (August, Week 1)

Our Summer weekdays have been filled with so many events and activities, that it’s been hard to get out to many flea markets or estate sales. I’m excited that the annual large flea market is in town as of today! And, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to “dealer day” there this morning. Most vendors that were there, were still setting up, and a lot of the vendors hadn’t arrived yet.  Opening day is tomorrow, and I am hoping to go back to see if I can find more treasures. 

Here are a few of the smaller finds from this week – they’ll all be listed in our shop soon!

Flashing Lantern – This silver lantern has such a cool look! Just flip a switch and the red dome flashes. Flip a different switch, and you have a bright light to lead your way through the dark. I think this lantern would be perfect for a cabin or lake home.

Locker Baskets – This set of wire baskets came from the basement of a hospital in South Dakota. The baskets were probably used for locker storage at one time. They have a great aged patina and are very strong and sturdy. I think they would be fun to use in an office, garden shed, or craft space. So many clever uses for wire baskets!

Music Cards – These music card decks are from the 1950s. They must have belonged to a music teacher. Each set includes cards with music printed on one side and teaching tips on the other. These cards would be fun to use for altered art projects, for scrapbook and journal embellishments, and even for making cards, tags, or collages. They’re really neat!

Wood Storage Box – This wood box is full of character! I think it would make a nice storage box for craft supplies. It has the original metal labels on it – both on the outside and on the inside – giving it an awesome industrial look.

Black Camera Case – This large case was used for photographic equipment. It has dividers in it to hold small objects, as well as a large area to hold a large camera. There is a trap door on one side that opens to allow a camera lens to stick out. Here’s your chance to be a super undercover spy!

Globe Holder – This globe holder had a world globe in it, but the globe wasn’t the original and it was completely destroyed (and not salvageable). But, as luck would have it, I have a globe that used to come in this type of holder, but the holder was broken. Now I have a full set – globe and holder!

Tweed Suitcase – I can never pass up these old tweed hardsided suitcases! They have such a handsome look. This one needs a bit of cleaning, but once it’s cleaned up, it will look perfect with some other suitcases I have that are similar.

Hardware Drawer Cabinet – Orange catches my eye every time. It’s like a magnet to my eyes. I do a little happy dance every time I find one of these orange industrial hardware drawer cabinets. Not only do I love the color and the graphics on the drawers, I also love that it’s metal and has tons of clever uses! These drawers don’t last long in our shop – this one is already listed at Vintage Dorman Parts Drawer – don’t let it get away!


Check back next Friday for more fresh finds, and make sure to check our shop at to see when these items are listed and available.

*The items above are all shown in “as found” condition. I’ll be cleaning them up and getting them listed in our shop as soon as possible.


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