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Many of us have fond memories of our Grandma’s flower gardens. Whether your Grandma had a huge garden for her flowers, a flower bed next to her house, or pots on her patio filled with flowers – you probably have a favorite that reminds you of her.

I clearly remember my Grandma’s vegetable garden that was surrounded by flower beds. She had flowers of every kind, and many of them. I especially loved her Gladiolas and Hollyhocks. I don’t see either of these flowers very often in flower gardens any more, but when I do, it brings me right back to my Grandma’s garden when I was a kid. As a tribute to Grandma, I planted Gladiolas and Hollyhocks in my Butterfly Garden and think of her every time I see them. 

We want to know… What flower do you remember most from your Grandma’s (or Mom’s) flower garden? What makes it special to you?

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8 thoughts on “Question: What Flower Do You Remember Most From Your Grandma’s Flower Garden?

  • Linda

    Lilacs, most definitely lilacs. One whiff of their heavenly fragrance and I’m transported back to her front yard.

    Thanks for the wonderful memories, JD.

    • JayDee Post author

      Ah yes… lilacs…. Love your memories, Linda – thanks for sharing!
      I see lilacs on every farmstead around us and am tempted to stop in and ask the owners if I can clip a bunch to put into a vase. I think they were a staple for every old fashioned garden. 🙂

  • kinseysue

    My grandmother had a very green thumb and there were so many flowers at her house, not only around the house but all over the property. The two I remember the most are hollyhocks and lilacs. The lilacs were so large, that as a child of five or so, they seemed like trees to me.

    • JayDee Post author

      Thanks for sharing your favorites, kinseysue! Don’t you just love how our Grandma’s created these special memories for us (whether they knew they were doing that or not)?

  • solveig

    my Grandmother Amelie;-) was also addicted to Botanical gardens, and she taught me quite a lot about traditional herbal medicine, I still practise nowadays… from Wild Daisies, field of Poppies, Tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, violas, to hydrangeas… but the utmost one is definitely the Lilium longiflorum (Easter Lily ); my Favorite flower ever I got to know still evoke my childhood memories…with Her.

    • JayDee Post author

      I love hearing your memories of your Grandmother Amelie’s garden! What a wonderful experience it must have been to learn herbal medicine from her! Thank you for sharing!

  • Tina

    Peonies….definitely peonies. I can still see them in my grandma’s yard. I am fortunate that I can still drive by where her house used to sit and imagine her in the backyard waving at me. ❤

    I also have to mention my Mom’s favorite flower was the geranium so I am sure to have one in the assortment of annuals I enjoy every year.

    P.S. I love lilacs too. They big bush in my yard bloomed a while ago here but the shrubs around my house are just finishing. I love it in the spring with the windows open and the sweet lilac smell drifting thru the house. Aaaahhhh..

    • JayDee Post author

      Peonies! Yes! I just love those flowers. My Mom loved geraniums, too. I’m happy to hear you have such great memories of all those flowers – thanks for sharing, Tina! I think I can smell the lilacs from here…