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The Conversation Piece this Week

I love gardens, don’t you? There is just nothing like being outside among a garden full of plants. I especially like flower gardens and unusual plants, but pretty much anything with GREEN on it makes me happy.

This week I stumbled on an article on Domino called “These Stunning City Gardens Have Us Green With Envy” by Anna Kocharian and Elly Leavitt. I thought the gardens in this article were inspiring – new ideas to try in my own gardens. Check out the rooftop garden – a perfect setting for a weekend party with friends! 


The vertical gardens in this article are my favorites! I think the vertical element is unique and interesting. And those plants hung all over the ceiling? Oh yeah, I could definitely work in that space! Here are some of the photos from the article that really caught my eye.

I love that dark wall with the metal grid for hanging plants – very clever. That would work well on a garage wall next to a patio.

The room filled with plants looks like such an inviting space! I can really imagine working in that space – I think it would be relaxing.

Any kind of dangling plant, like those String of Pearls, makes for a very unique look. Can you imagine having a wall of plants like this in your main entryway? Oh my! That would be stunning!

Having plants climb along strings attached to a wall or fence is a great look, turning an ordinary space into something extraordinary! I would like to create that look on a patio – I think the maintenance would be pretty easy, don’t you agree?

Let’s Start the Conversation!

Do you have a favorite garden that inspires you? We’d love to hear about it!

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