How Well Do You Know Your Vintage Movies? 1

Make sure to tune in to our Facebook Page every Monday for a new vintage movie photo for you to guess the movie – I call it #MovieMonday.

In case you missed the past movie posts, here is a recap of all the movies that have been posted so far. Can you guess which movies they are? (HINT: The answer is revealed when you hover over a photo below). Have fun!

Last Update: October 9, 2017

Movie Trailers

If you click the photos above, you will be redirected to the post on our Facebook Page where you can watch the video trailer for each of the movies shown above.

I’ll keep this page on our blog updated with each new movie added to our Facebook Page, so feel free to stop back here, too!


What is your favorite “vintage” movie? Share in a comment below!

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One thought on “How Well Do You Know Your Vintage Movies?

  • Pam

    These movies were great and so sad that these talented actors/actresses are no longer with us. They will long be remembered. Thank you for sharing these memories.