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I’ve wanted to redesign our master bedroom for the past 6 months or so. Since owning a vintage shop, I’ve been looking for just the right items that I want to incorporate into the design. I’ve come up with several decor themes, trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that, while I figure out the exact look that I am after.

Flea market season has just begun here in Minnesota, and my challenge this year is to find unique pieces of furniture to replace the pieces of our existing bedroom set. I’m also on the look-out for unique lamps, artwork, and rugs. I would love to replace our bedroom couch and recliner with a coveted chaise lounge that I’ve dreamed about for years, and a pair of reupholstered wing back chairs from the 1950s. I especially love the atomic age for design, and would love to find a pair of German plant stands to use as bedside tables. I need a shelf and storage for a headboard, so hopefully I’ll be able to find a way cool mid century headboard to use!

Beehive lamps are just so cool! I love them in all colors and I think they would make the perfect “mood lighting” for a bedroom! Ah… and a sputnik ceiling lamp would be the crème de la crème for our ceiling! 

Of course, a mid century dresser is a must have. Maybe even two or three in varying styles!

Bullet planters are the perfect solution for my plants (have I mentioned how much I love plants?) and I really NEED some space age print fabric to create throw pillows for the bed, lounge and chairs!

No atomic age bedroom would be complete without a cool alarm clock and a radio – do you suppose vintage radios only play vintage music? LOL!

And while watching television in my bedroom is probably the last thing I want to do there, I have to say… a Philco Pridicta Princess television has been on my wish list for a l-o-n-g time! You just have to love the look of this television, even if it doesn’t work!

Here’s a “Vision Board” that I created for our bedroom… Now hopefully I can find all the pieces to put this together!

My Atomic Age Bedroom



I wrote an article the other day – “Question: What’s Your Dream Bedroom” – I hope you get a chance to check it out and see if any of the photos there inspire you. 

What theme or era would you choose for your dream bedroom? Share in a comment below!


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One thought on “Bedroom Makeover: My Flea Market Challenge

  • Pam

    Now that would be a beautiful bedroom! Love all the choices and hope you find the pieces to create your dream space! For me, I have always wanted a log cabin so I dream about all the rustic pieces I could furnish it with. I see so many pieces in Etsy shops that would fit so nicely if I only had the cabin…LOL! Dreams sometimes come true, right?