Question: What’s Your Favorite Vintage Find? 6

Vintage theater chairs used in an entry way.

We want to hear your story…

If you love vintage items as much as we do, you probably have a favorite vintage find – something SO good, you knew you just had to have it. Maybe it’s something you found at an antique shop, estate sale, or auction. Or maybe discovered at a yard sale, flea market, or thrift store. Or maybe it’s something you found in an online vintage shop.

Those special vintage finds are what make our homes feel more unique and add character to our rooms. They become conversation pieces. And they make us happy.

We want to know… What’s YOUR favorite vintage find, and where did you find it?

Share the juicy details with us in a comment below!


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6 thoughts on “Question: What’s Your Favorite Vintage Find?

  • Patricia

    It certainly is hard to pick just one but generally my favorite find is something that reminds me of my childhood or one of my parents.

    I recently was at my favorite auction and I was way at the back of the room, you needed a telescope to see what was being offered.

    I heard the description of a bottle opener in the shape of a woman – I knew instantly it was just like the one Dad had on his bar, and growing up all four girls in the family thought it was a bit naughty.

    It now sits on my bar – naughty or not, it is the best opener ever and makes me think of my Dad every time I use it.

    • JayDee Post author

      Oh, I love this Patricia! I think it is so cool that you have something that makes you think of your Dad – that’s very special! Thanks for sharing your favorite find!

  • Pam

    Etsy has so many vintage finds and the shops are so much fun to explore! Every day there is something new and exciting!

    • JayDee Post author

      I agree with you Pam! Searching for a vintage hobnail set on Etsy is what got me started as a vintage seller, and I am so thankful for all the people I’ve met since then – like you!