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The Conversation Piece this Week

Wowza! This week I spotted an article called “An Untouched Frank Lloyd Wright Home from 1960 Is On The Market“ written by Sam Dangremond on the Town&Country website. Again… wow! You absolutely MUST see this house! 

Frank Lloyd Wright designed this home, and it still has all the furniture and accessories inside it. This home is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, which is only about 1-1/2 hours from me – I might have to take a trip there to see this house in person. Want to join me? If you can’t make it to Minnesota, I encourage you to take a Virtual Walk-Through of this house – trust me, you really don’t want to miss this!

While on vacation several years ago, we stopped at a gas station that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was the first building of his that I had ever seen in person, and I was awestruck. I love the almost organic feel of his buildings and especially love the roof lines and angles. Every window seems enhanced to bring the outside view inside. Standing in the parking lot looking at that building felt like standing in an art gallery, admiring a painting. 

One of the first Frank Lloyd Wright houses I saw in a magazine many years ago was the Fallingwater house (click the link for photos of that house and for information on taking a tour). I thought the Fallingwater house was the most amazing home and it is what started my interest in Frank Lloyd Wright. I hope to see that home in person some day!

To me, many of Wright’s buildings have that great mid century feel with almost a sci-fi or fairy tale twist. His homes seem to blend in to their surroundings and they each have a distinct personality.

Frank Lloyd Wright was definitely an architect and designer with a unique vision!

Let’s Start the Conversation!

What’s your favorite style or architectural element of the Frank Lloyd Wright homes?

What’s your favorite Frank Lloyd Wright home, and why?

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2 thoughts on ““The Conversation Piece” this Week – Frank Lloyd Wright Home (4/9/17 – 4/15/17)

  • Linda Long

    I am a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, the way he incorporates the outside surroundings with his house design is beautiful. I love the timeless look of his houses but, not a fan of his built-in furniture. I think he sacrifices comfort for the sake of design.

    • JayDee Post author

      I agree, Linda. Sometimes the built-in furniture can be a little bit more than want you’d want in a room. You nailed it – “timeless” is the perfect word for his designs!