Halloween in the 1970s

Yikes! Can you believe that Summer is over and that it’s almost Halloween? This year is flying by (sort of like a witch on a broomstick).

Join us on a time warp back to the late-1970s as we stroll the streets of New York on Halloween with the photos taken by Larry Racioppo …  Trick or Treat!

#1. The Great Pumpkin

This pumpkin decal looks a little frightened of all the kids in costumes roaming the streets on Halloween.


#2. Space Guy and His Bride

This blushing bride must have NO idea what she’s getting herself into with this relationship!


#3. The Tin Man

We’re guessing Dorothy forgot to send the oiling can along, and this Tin Man rusted into the “resting crouch” position.


#4. The Lone Ranger

“Put your hands up! Oh, and have you seen my horse?”


#5. Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes

Ah yes, the costumes that came from the cardboard box with the cellophane cover.  They always looked oh-so life like in the store, didn’t they??


#6.  The Winged Girl…?

Hmmm.  We’re thinking she is some sort of fairy or pixie – with the wings and all.  It’s the metal funnel hat that has us a bit perplexed.


#7. The Masked Boy

Lone Ranger? Green Lantern maybe?  Batman??  This trick-or-treater needed to take the costume a bit further for us to really know.


#8. Frankenstein and a Vampire

Printing the characters face on the outfit.  Just in case you couldn’t completely tell what in the world they were supposed to be.


#9. The Bionic Woman, Bambi, and Cinderella

Oh My! What a trio!


#10. The Hobo

Ok, we’re not buying it pal.  The neatly pressed pants, smartly cuffed jacket… you’re not a REAL hobo, are you!?


#11. A Skeleton and Frankenstein

Frankenstein must be thinking that Skeleton needs to eat more.  He’s nothing but (wait for it)………. bones!


#12. A Hagered Witch

Yikes! If this gnarly witch showed up at my door, I’d surrender all the candy! Check out those serious fingernails!


#13. Game Character

Mario. Before he and his brother became a big hit.


#14. C-3P0

Gold body paint probably wasn’t invented yet, so we’ll give this kid a pass on the bare arms poking out.


#15. The Bride of Frankenstein

Is her head sewn on backwards, or is this some sort of optical illusion? Regardless, it’s brilliant!


#16. A Princess and Spider Woman

Sooo beneath her station, to be pushing the spider-baby thingy around all evening.


#17. Superman

Everyone knows Superman didn’t wear a mask – as soon as Clark Kent removed his glasses, he was unrecognizable.  The windblown cape deserves props, though.


#18. Creepy Devil

Is this the devil dressed up as Danny Zuko, or Danny Zuko dressed up as the devil? And what’s with the reindeer graffiti on Halloween?!


#19. Bat Girl, A Nun, and Wonder Woman

One of these may not have super powers, but serves a higher power.


#20. The Ghost

…with no hands.  And a parka. Spooky!


#21. An Ape and a Skeleton

An ape from Planet of the Apes – check. A skeleton – check. We don’t know what that character on the right is supposed to be…?


#22. Spooky Skull Guy

Is it just the mask, or does this kid look truly sad to be dressed up like this?


#23. A Band of Gypsies

Hey, I recognize those sweaters!  I had the same ones in my closet in the ’70s!


#24. Pussy Cat and Ghesia Girls

Sure, they look innocent enough, but look at their faces.  You know these three could get seriously silly when you turned your back!


What costume did you wear the last time you went out trick-or-treating as a kid for Halloween?

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