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Think back to your childhood, and your favorite television shows – when we were lucky to get 5 channels, and “rabbit ears” were common. Those were TV antennas, for you youngsters that weren’t around yet. If you were, you’d remember your Dad getting up out of his chair and fiddling with them every time he turned the channel.

Maybe you had a black and white television, or maybe you were lucky and had a color TV. Remote controls? Ha! That was a job for little brothers!

Sure, we probably all watched Saturday morning cartoons, but I’ll save that for another post. Right now, just think about the television shows you watched. Maybe the shows you watched when you got home from school, or maybe the shows you got to stay up late (9:00 pm) to watch.

I admit, when I was a kid, watching television was the last thing I wanted to do. I was far too busy playing outside with the neighbor kids. But I do remember watching a couple of programs on television that I really liked:

  • Lost in Space  – I had a mad crush on Will <3
  • Gilligans Island  – I loved the inventions the Professor was always coming up with
  • The Sixth Sense (when I got to stay up) – This show made you think!
  • Mission Impossible – you can’t beat that opening sequence, and how they always thwarted the bad guys
  • Medical Center  – ooooh, Chad Everett as the dreamy Dr. Joe Gannon
  • Laugh In, The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game (remember Bob Eubanks?) were all fun shows
  • I LOVED the weekends when Creature Feature Night was on! I always planned slumber parties for Creature Feature Night! Anything scary and creepy, and I was all in. My girlfriends, not so much.


We want to know… What was your favorite television show (or shows) while growing up, and what did you love most about it?

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5 thoughts on “Question: What Was Your Favorite TV Show While Growing Up?

  • Candy Donnelly

    As the first of five kids, we had favorite shows we made the little kids watch. Outer Limits was scary for all of us, but are all time favorite was Mission Impossible. We pretended we were on secret missions every week.
    We were trained to use our imaginations, growing up to be an adult, no choice here, still feel I am in a Secret Mission, navigating the mind field of being an adult, ha ha.

    • JayDee Post author

      Outer Limits! I had forgotten about that show. I really enjoyed that one!

      Mission Impossible was such a good show. I love how you pretended you were on secret missions – yes, using your imagination growing up sure made things fun, didn’t it?! No reason to stop now!

  • solveig

    oh my! several programs:) but my very best favourited one:) is surely COLUMBO! oh my! Peter Falk is simply the Best! 😉
    and there was another one i did enjoy a lot, as ZORRO! … but French TV is still playing Zorro TV serie on sunday evening, Sure I just can’t watch serie anymore, since I overdosed on it!;-)