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June has been a really fun month for finding vintage relics! This past week has been rainy, so unfortunately I missed shopping at two flea markets, and I wasn’t able to attend an auction I really wanted to go to. But it was still a fun week.

Here are some of this week’s smaller fresh finds (well, except for one BIG find) – a preview of what’s coming to our shop, soon…

Medical Oddity – Oh my, oh my, oh my! This collection of antique glass medical slides is just so…. incredibly AWESOME! I love how unique they are! Seriously. LOVE. Each slide is about 3″ x 4″ and has two pieces of glass to cover a clear printed film of some body part. The glass edges are wrapped in a black tape of some kind and there are labels on the slides. Way. Cool. Pretty much every body part is included on these slides – I’m keeping the head! I can’t wait to take photos of the slides and get them listed!

Retro Lamp – You just have to love this bright yellow square desk lamp, straight out of the 1960s! I know I do! This retro baby would look pretty darn great on a desk or bedside table. I think it would be perfect for a dorm room, too!

Shark Week – Da dum… da dum… da dum… Shark Week is almost here! You need to have a Shark Week party, and these metal shark bottle openers are waiting to be invited! Beer, anyone?

More Shark Week – Don’t forget to display this vintage SHARKS book – it’s filled with awesome shark illustrations! You could even make copies of the black and white illustrations and use them to decorate for your Shark Week Party!

Yes, We’re MAD About Shark Week – This vintage MAD magazine is one of our favorite issues. You just have to love the front cover.

Flower Globes, Just Like Grandma’s – I was so excited to find not one, but TWO of these glass flower globes! Normally you would fill the globe with water and add your favorite fresh cut flowers and seal them in the globe. I like to use these to hold old photos and cabinet cards, too. But for Shark Week , I think they would look awesome filled with water and small rubber sharks! Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Danger, Will Robinson! – Yes. I found one of these signs last week, too, and included it in my fresh finds from last week. But this one is different. I told you I love finding these flashing danger signs! I think this one should be set on a kitchen counter!

Scoreboard – I was SO excited about this purchase! A real baseball scoreboard that has been retired from the field. The scoreboard is from the mid- to late-1990s, so it does qualify as “vintage”. This scoreboard is 14-feet long by 5-feet tall – and it works! I bought the scoreboard for our Bonus Room / Game Room, thinking it would look perfect there hung on a wall. Unfortunately, once we got it home and tried to get it into the house and up the stairs – we just have a few too many angles in the house to maneuver this to the room I was hoping to use it in. Drats! Taking out the dormer window to get this hoisted into the room by crane might work, but the expense and effort to do that really isn’t justifiable. So… this scoreboard needs to find a new home. I’ll be listing this for sale locally through my Apartment Therapy Marketplace store. Maybe someone with a sports bar will fall in love with it. Or maybe I can even find a local ball field that is looking for a scoreboard. I’ll keep you posted on it’s fate.


Check back next Friday for more fresh finds, and make sure to check our shop at to see when these items are listed and available.

*The items above are all shown in “as found” condition. I’ll be cleaning them up and getting them listed in our shop as soon as possible.


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