Question: What’s One Toy From Your Childhood That You Wish You Still Had Today? 3

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Everyone has that special something from our childhood that we wish we still had today. Maybe it’s your favorite Hot Wheel car or Tonka dump truck. Or your collection of Liddle Kiddles lockets, rings, and necklaces (my favorite). Was it your GI Joe, Barbie, Big Jim, or Dawn dolls? Maybe you wish you still had your original Lite-Brite, Etch-a-Sketch, Spiro-Graph, or that cool set of marbles in every color and pattern. How about your Easy Bake Oven or your Creepy Crawler Thingmaker – those were awesome toys! Lawn Jarts anyone? Or what about a wood burning kit, chemistry set, or Clackers – can you believe our parents let us play with these things? In the house!? Do you still have your Ouija board? Remember Colorforms, Barrel-of-Monkeys, Trolls, Duncan Yo-Yo’s, and skateboards? How about a Wheel-O or a Slip-n-Slide? Tudor electric football or Rock-em Sock-em Robots? And you had to love those Mood Rings!

For inspiration of vintage toys, check out our Vintage Toys Pinterest board – you’re sure to see something there that you remember when you were a kid!

We want to know… What’s one toy from your childhood that you wish you still had today?

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3 thoughts on “Question: What’s One Toy From Your Childhood That You Wish You Still Had Today?

  • Pam

    So many toys from years gone by that I wish I could have had. We didn’t have a lot of toys as children and that is probably why so many of the old toys appeal to me today. I did have an old cast iron miniature figurine set that had people, trees, and other small items that I used to rearrange in different scenes and dream about what adventure they were engaged in. It provided hours of fun and was my most treasured possession. Unfortunately, over the years it became lost, but the memories are still with me.

  • Molly

    I wish I still had my toy that was a rubber rope with a lemon on the end and you sort of skipped up and down making it go under the other foot, and my Munchichi 🙂
    I have also searched high and low and my parents for a very tall blow up dinosaur (I dont know why I had it or where it came from)

  • solveig

    several ones… as playing marbles, Boards games, wooden toys, Vintage Model Railways Train, mostly Model cars, etc. No dolls! hahaha, except the rag doll i kept many years (from my grandmother).