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The beginning of a new year always makes me want to find new ways to organize and store things. When you run a small business out of your home, you need to have a place for everything, and keep everything in it’s place.

I am fortunate that 95% of the first level of our home is reserved for my shop space. That makes it very handy to keep all business-related items together and not spread throughout the house.

Whether you have a large space or a small space for your business, you need to have dedicated storage areas – and there are some pretty clever ways you can find these storage areas in most homes or garages.


  • Don’t forget the rafters – If you have an open ceiling in your basement (or garage), that space between the rafters or floor joists is pure gold! One way to use that space is to screw a wire shelf into the bottom of the rafters or joists, then place plastic storage totes on the shelves that fit between the rafters. This is a great space for storing holiday decorations and supplies! If you use clear storage totes, you’ll be able to see the contents easily. Don’t forget to label the totes – a vintage Dymo Label Maker works great for this!
  • Hang it from the ceiling – Depending on the room, hanging items from the ceiling can be a great way to store them. For example, in your office or shop space, hang a hammock 3 or 4 feet down from the ceiling in a corner of the room. Use the hammock to store bubble wrap, air packs, and packing peanuts. This idea works great in a bedroom, too, for storing extra blankets, extra pillows, or even your kid’s stuffed animals. In our shipping area, we have chains hung from the ceiling holding a rod, which holds rolls of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap is right above the shipping table so it’s easy to get to and it’s out of the way.
  • Between the studs – That space between the wall studs behind the sheetrock is a perfect storage space for small supplies. Using a stud locator, cut away a section of sheetrock to expose this area. If you’d like, paint the sheetrock wall that is now exposed then use wood trim molding to finish off the shelves inside this area. Click DIY Built-In Shelves for a tutorial.
  • Foldout Table Storage Cabinet – If you have a small space, you could build a storage cabinet that hangs on a wall with a table that folds out – sort of like a Murphy Bed, but a table. This would be an ideal desk, photo table, or even a shipping table – depending on your small business needs. Click DIY Murphy Desk for a tutorial.
  • Rolling Storage for Under Things – That space beneath a bed, under a bench, or under a counter or cabinet is valuable space. Use that space for cabinets to store things you want out-of-sight, but readily available. Click Rolling Storage Cabinets for a tutorial.
  • Put a drawer under it – If you have a plain desk, workbench, or low table that is open beneath, mount a pull-out drawer underneath it.  Most home centers carry add-on drawer assemblies that can turn this open-air space into usable storage for office supplies, shipping items, or shop tools that you want to keep close at hand.

Do you have any storage tips you’d like to share? Post a comment below.

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