12 Vintage Christmas Magazine Ads Just for Fun

I love vintage magazine ads. Vintage ads oftentimes have beautiful illustrations, are heart warming, or are so funny you can help but smile!

Here are 12 vintage Christmas ads from the 1930s through 1950s. Enjoy!

Give Them a Magic Carpet for Christmas

For the Yuletide thrill of your family’s lifetime, just park a 1941 Lincoln-Zephyr out front on Christmas Eve – touch the horn – and stand by!


Have a Coca-Cola = Merry Christmas

… or how Americans spread the holiday spirit overseas


How to Find Time at Christmas

Just plan quick, easy meals with brimming bowls of good hot soup (hmmmm… not sure I understand how Beef Noodle soup goes well with Waffles and Syrup – what I have been missing?!?!  LOL)


Merry Christmas From All Of Us at Jack Daniel’s Hollow

Charcoal mellowed, drop, by, drop


Turn On a White Christmas

Smirnoff really ignites a party.


Christmas Calls for Cookies

It’s fun to make fancy cookies and pastries with this practical press.  (Mmmmmm…. eclairs!)


It’ll Be a Merrier Merry Christmas With the New Wonder Holiday Tree

The Wonder Tree will prove attractive and decorative throughout the year as well. Trim it with hors d’oeuvres, canapes, candies if you wish… (You have to love a tree you can decorate with food!)


Say Your “Merry Christmas” The Cosco Way

Your gift will be admired, appreciated and used – all year long – when it’s a Cosco gift. (We still use a Cosco Step Stool in our house!)


Christmas Music in ‘Natural Color’

It’s the difference between FM and conventional radio!


For Your Merry Christmas

What a job the stores of America do on deliveries – and literally a miracle job at Christmas.


Any Woman Knows What to Expect

…when she gives him the best…


Nothing Does It Like Seven-Up!

Here is the sparkling drink that says “Welcome!” to all your Christmas company. (Like the ad says, wholesome for everyone, even the tiniest tots).



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